Thing of Beauty: Late Night Chameleon Café, London

Independent shops are few and far between in London's fair city in 2017. But there are rare gems hidden in the shadows. More NYC than LDN, the Late Night Chameleon Café, is one such place, playing host to an experience like no other. Daisy Barnes gets the 411.

If you've ever clicked onto a website and had your heart set on fire, then you'll understand my first experience of LN:CC.

Finding their site by accident in an Instagram maze, I fell upon some unusually good-looking candles and painstakingly pretty perfumes, flaunting storied and sexy descriptions like 'radio bombay' and 'portable fireplace'.

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 18.22.25.png

Such pretty little things would turn my small flat into a home probably worthy of a feature in World of Interiors magazine. If I'd ever wanted the entire contents of a website and its stock room to be transported into my home then this was it. 

But LN:CC's beauty is not just in its perfectly Instagrammable products, (or delightful name) it is also in its physical presence. Actual real life shops are not for the faint-hearted in this day and age and this concept store's make-up is something I might have expected to spot on the streets of NY or Berlin in the 90's when rent was less stifling - and opportunities for exploration more likely to pay off. 

Described as 'an evolving platform of curated ideas that encompasses menswear, womenswear, music and books. The store consists of individual product rooms, a library, record store, gallery, cafe and a club space for events featuring a state of the art sound system.'

The very concept of this late night café prompts memories of Friends in Central Perk; of a city that never sleeps and of dancing till dawn in London's energetic streets, whilst stumbling upon new experiences. These are the type of places that encourage people to book air flights from elsewhere in the world to come and visit our fine, magical city and supersede notions of the crowded underground or queues for Madame Tussauds. Instead LN:CC feels fluid, experimental and fun.

Positioned in East London's Dalston, LN:CC is proof that experience is still king.