Eyes On : Social Sharing - Good or Bad?

My dear friend Polly Vernon (well she is not actually my friend - it is more a one-sided relationship that involves me reading her weekly Grazia column, almost always wholeheartedly agreeing and then imagining that our conversations could one day (for sure) go two ways - and on that day she would totally get my vibe.) So yeh Polly Vernon - big guru of mine, wrote a piece this week in Grazia on how everyone thinks they're a celebrity these days. We insta our hen parties and holidays and selfie our favourite looks and daily musings to a probable following of - ooh I don't know probably your dad and Matt from high school (so circa 2, maybe 200 if you're lucky) - thinking/imaging/dreaming/hoping?! that you're of Gigi Hadid/Blake Lively/Madonna levels of importance and that your transmit to 2/200 is just as avidly received as a twitpic of Taylor Swift on a yacht somewhere exotic is by her current 85 million followers. 

It's all too easy to dismiss our celeb-mimicking ways as fanciful and narcissistic as Vernon did in her piece (nb. Polly I was with you most of this piece don't get me wrong), but what if actually you were just as important as them. Those celebs with their trips to glorious places, dressed in fabulous things, we are watching them through our phones because we want to know their secrets. Best places to go, visit, things to buy, see, read, experience. But their stories are no more compelling than ours (FYI you fall into the latter category if paps do not follow you down the street.) 

So my thought on it is that social media works because it does make it us all into mini-celebrities, or really - mini 'persons-of-interests' and that's ok. In fact that is bloody great because it reminds you that you are interesting. Because every person has stories, opinions, collections of thoughts, recommendations, experiences etc that are of interest to others and sharing those with the world (or just your dad and Matt) can only be a good thing.

The Content magazine is a melting pot of 'people-of-interests' for other 'people-of-interests (so that's everyone then) and an open arena for such content to come forth. So I am opening the flood-gates; tell me your best travel experience, favourite restaurant, best way to navigate career set-backs, most life-changing moment, your favourite place to shop for swimsuits, because I wanna hear all about it. 

Daisy Barnes